The visit to a physiotherapist is indispensable after injuries and surgeries and has also alleviated many an everyday ailment. For ambitious (hobby) athletes, physiotherapy is also regarded as a preventive measure
and is the ideal supplement for improving performance.

Everyone is talking about physiotherapy – not least because of the increasing number of everyday and age-related complaints such as back pain. According to Statistics Austria, one in ten people under the age of 30 in Austria is affected by low back pain. Among the under-60s, one in five complains of pain, while among the over-60s it is more than one in
three. In addition, there are various (sports) injuries and operations, for example on the knee or hip, which (have to) be followed up with targeted physiotherapy. The therapies are then primarily aimed at restoring and
maintaining natural movement patterns, for which various treatment concepts and techniques are used. However, physiotherapy is also being used more and more frequently for preventive purposes. Massages, trigger point treatments, specific movement sequences and muscle exercises including individual training plans for home – the full program for our
most precious asset, our body.

6410 Telfs, Michael-Seeberstr. 2<br/>Tel. +43 (0)676 611 14 68<br/><br/>

Physiotherapie im Focus

The holistic therapy center in Telfs with physiotherapists,
sports scientists, fitness and nutrition
trainers offers classic therapies and massages
as well as sports-specific and dietary advice.

6410 Telfs, Michael-Seeberstr. 2
Tel. +43 (0)676 611 14 68

A well-trained physiotherapist is crucial for the success of the therapy, which is why we have looked around for exactly those for you. Supplementary equipment for training at home, such as fascia rolls, gymnastic mats and balls, balance boards and therabands can be found in the Fitness Corner at Riml Sports in Längenfeld, Riml Sports in Telfs or online at

6410 Telfs, Untermarktstrasse 48<br/>Tel. +43 (0)650 224 41 89<br/><br/>

Handcraft Therapiezentrum

Since 2010, patients have been treated with a wide
range of treatment methods at this established
therapy institute in Telfs. The specialties of the
experienced team of therapists include orthopedics,
trauma surgery and sports traumatology.

6410 Telfs, Untermarktstrasse 48
Tel. +43 (0)650 224 41 89

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