Since 1998 (Ski und Board Test GmbH) has been examining the latest ski models by the world's leading manufacturers. In order to actually succeed in collecting relevant data on the skis' material behaviour, initiates an annual long-term test under changing conditions ranging from firn to artificial snow. 

Guntram Fiegl, Riml Sports<br/>


The right ski for your own requirements is the be-all and end-all of skiing.
Guntram Fiegl, Riml Sports

Tested by Riml

Our recommendations of the best skis of the season are fixed! As in the last 20 years, the latest models were put through their paces by the ski-enthusiastic Riml Sports staff. We have recorded the results in a clear ranking for you. The ranking includes several categories, from slalom carvers to all-mountain skis, as well as women's and men's models.

In line with this year's range expansion, the women's models in the current ski test have been expanded by two categories and tested by our female experts and evaluated in terms of processing quality, handling, price-performance ratio and many other criteria.

 On the following pages we present our results based on technical conditions, many years of experience and personal recommendations.