Length recommendation

I have found my ideal ski - what is the suitable length? Of course, your individual skill, weight and strength are crucial within these recommendations.

Length recommendation - an overview

  • Easy Carver: Body height - 10 cm +/- 5 cm (-4" +/-2")
  • Allmountain Carver: Body height +/- 5 cm (+/-2")
  • Slalom Carver: -Body height -20 cm +/- 5 cm (- 7.8" +/- 2")
  • Sport Carver: Body height up to -10 cm (- 4")
  • Lady Carver: Body height +/- 5 cm (+/-2")
  • Freeride Carver: Body height + 5 bis 10 cm (+ 2 to 4")
      • Race Carver: Body height +/- 5 cm (+/-2")

Easy Carver: Forgiving carving tool, easy to turn and control in almost all snow and slope conditions. For lower to medium speeds and shorterto medium turn radii.

Allmountain: Versatile ski with good riding properties for groomers and off-piste terrains. Depending on individual ski width, suited for freeriders and people who like to ride in style.

Slalom Carver: Easy to turn, the slalom carver still maintains great horizontal stability. Superb grip on ice; shorter turn radii at higher speeds on hard snow.

Race Carver: World Cup-oriented giant slalom ski. Extremely smooth to ride even at maximum speeds. Excellent edge grip for medium to long turn radii on hard snow.

Sport Carver: This ultramodern all-round ski meets the highest demands. Covers almost all ski profi les, from slalom to giant slalom ski and from piste carver to off-piste ski. Best suited for medium radii at medium to high speeds.

Lady Carver: Forgiving ski for women who appreciate easy handling and elegant styling. Best suited for lower to medium speeds.

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