1.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Trade (henceforth GTCT) apply to the online access to ""
and to all the online-services operated under this domain, including the mediation of agreements over the rental of skis, snowboards and/or the corresponding equipment between the occupant as hirer and the ski lessor chosen by the hirer (henceforth rental agreement). The SBT is authorised to accept the reservation of skis and snowboards on behalf of the ski lessors on “” and to conclude the corresponding agreements. The renting as such is not object to the services of the SBT; concerning this matter, the agreement is only concluded between the occupant and the selected ski lessor.

1.2 The SBT is therefore service provider according to Directive 2000/31/EG (E-Commerce Directive) Article 12 resp. § 13 Federal Law Gazette 152/2001 (E-Commerce-Law ECG) as amended from time to time. Within this online-service, the SBT merely functions as the transmitter of the information sent by the occupant according to the above-mentioned directive. This implies, that the SBT does not induce the transmission of information resp. does not chose the selected ski lessor and does not select or change the transmitted information. This happens exclusively on the initiative of the occupant.

1.3 Our TCGT are valid as amended on the ordering date. We recommend you to save or print these TCGT when ever submitting reservation orders to the SBT.


2.1 In order to rent a ski resp. a snowboard or equipment from the selected ski lessor, the occupant has to follow the steps explicitly listed on “”. Both the procurement agreement with the SBT and the rental agreement with the selected ski lessor are concluded by the SBT transmitting an electronic confirmation of receipt to the occupant.

2.2 The SBT is authorised to request all the necessary data concerning the occupant’s identity plus his or her legal competence through the presentation of official documents such as photo identification or residence registration form and the confirmation of signature authorisation or power of agency. The SBT is authorised to verify the occupant’s data.

2.3 The reservation data including the GTCT as amended from time to time are saved by the SBT.


3.1 The prices are valid as they are quoted on ““ by the time of the reservation. They include 20% value-added tax.

3.2 We discount 15% with online-booking. Beyond this, no further reductions can be claimed.

3.3 After having made a deposit, the remaining rent has to be paid directly to the corresponding ski lessor.


4.1 Rental agreements must be concluded for at least one day.

4.2 If equipment is borrowed after 4 p.m., rent will only be charged for the next day. If equipment is returned after 10:30 a.m., rent for the current day will be charged.

4.3 Possible changes or extensions of the rental agreement have to be arranged directly with the responsible ski lessor.

4.4 The SBT guarantees you that the selected model will be available if the reservation has been made seven days prior to the reserved date of collection the booked ski resp. snowboard . In case of reservations that have been made seven days or less prior to the reserved date of collection, the STB guarantees the availability of the selected category.


5.1 By e-mailing to “” the occupant can withdraw from the contract until 7 days prior to the commencement of the agreement without giving reasons.


2.1 Subject to the service agreement is the referencing resp. forwarding of internet users from the website of the client to the SBT’s website “SkiTest.Net”. “SkiTestNet” is an internet platform for the entire skiing industry and for winter tourism. The adoption of parts of the content of “SkiTestNet” can be arranged.

2.2 For this purpose the client implements a referencing url (link) on his website. The SBT installs a sublevel domain, presenting content and functions of “SkiTest.Net” by dint of the information architecture and design (navigation, drop down menus etc.) of the client’s website. By clicking the link the user will be transferred to the sublevel domain, even though its adaptation to the appearance of the client’s website give the user the impression not to have left the website.

2.3 The SBT has free choice of the sublevel domain. Possible changes during contract duration do not influence the service agreement.

2.4 Regardless of the state of the art, the SBT is authorised to change the current technology, especially programming language and file format, or the content of “Skitest.Net” without giving reasons, as long as the homogeneous adaptation to the design and information architecture of the client’s website is provided.