Emanuel and Sebastian from FlyAirea are convinced that happiness
is a bird. It makes the paraglider pilots even happier when
they fly in company. What does a tandem flight in Oetz look like,
what makes flying so special (for them) and do you have to be
completely free from giddiness? We just asked them.

Since July 2023, paragliding pilots Emanuel Meier and Sebastian Siller have been taking off with their flight school FlyAirea. With a license for (tandem) flying and a permit from the Austrian Aeroclub to train students, they are to be found up in the air all year round and in any weather. Depending on your personal preferences, you can book relaxed panoramic flights or adrenaline rushes with spirals and other maneuvers. ”We schedule quiet flights for the early morning hours, before the rising sun affects the updraft. After that, things can get a bit more dynamic in the air,“ explains Sebastian.

FlyAirea offers flights in Venet and Oetz. ”We have flown in many parts of the world, but Oetz is still one of our favorite flying areas - scenically, but also in terms of infrastructure and safety,“ Sebastian raves about his home. For getting up to the starting point in Hochoetz at 2,120 meters above sea level, you take the cable car in summer and winter, followed by a short walk. After an equipment check and a briefing, the 20-minute flight down to the valley begins - screams of joy
pre-programmed. ”The best feeling ever. Even after countless flights, the view doesn‘t get boring. On the contrary: there is always something new and special to discover,“ adds Emanuel enthusiastically. The favourite motif of many passengers is Lake Piburg, rightly so.

By the way, you can fly with experienced instructors from a body height of 100 cm, there are no age limits. And above the clouds, freedom really does seem limitless. Do you have to be free of giddiness to fly? Not necessarily, the panorama and endorphins distract you looking down. Emanuel and Sebastian also have a clear answer to the question regarding the risks: „Every outdoor outdoor sport involves risks - in paragliding, the take-off as well as updraft are the biggest challenges.
However, thanks to many years of flying experience, regularly maintained equipment and a good knowledge of the weather, we feel pretty safe in this respect“.

In the mood for a floght?

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