Toasty warm winter hands

Good gloves have to be comfortable and warm, and provide protection without restricting mo- vement. Intersport sales expert Stefanie Auer explains how to pick the perfect gloves.

Gloves or mittens? This is your first decision. Intersport sales expert Stefanie Auer explains the pros and cons: “When shopping for gloves and mittens, first consider your activity. While gloves offer better dexterity, mittens tend to be warmer. Gloves have a lot more seams than mittens, and seams can be a cause of water leaking into your gloves. Mittens on the other hand can limit mobility. In general, the decision comes down to personal preference. If hand mobility is a priority, then gloves provide much more articulation. Skiers and snowboarders may find mittens to be preferable”, says Stefanie.

Why removable liners?

Liner gloves or mittens make a good base layer for your hands. “Typically liners are made from a synthetic material that is moisture-wicking. In addition, liners can be used alone in mild temperatures.”
Also, removable liners can be washed, which is nice after an active day in the mountains. If you wish to speak with Stefanie for personal assistance visit our Intersport Glanzer-Shop 2 in Sölden.

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