Lady Carver

Völkl - FLAIR 76

Technical details

Length: 147 / 154 / 161 cm
Radius: 14,2 m
Sidecut: 124 / 76 / 105 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 400


If you feel confident with the basics and target dynamic parallel turns, you will easily tackle the transition with the Flair 76  this winter. Its partial side walls facilitate the turn initiation while the vMotion1 binding improves the power transmission onto the ski. The eponymous 76mm waist is perfectly suited for medium and difficult slopes, on which female skiers can jump right into practicing their new skills.

What are Lady Carver?

Fehlerverzeihendes Sportgerät für Damen, denen neben leichter Handhabung auch das Styling wichtig ist. Beste Eignung für den unteren bis mittleren Tempobereich.

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