Lady Carver

Salomon - E S/MAX N°8

Technical details

Length: 145 / 150 / 155 / 160 cm
Radius: 14 m
Sidecut: 119 / 73 / 102 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 500


The S/MAX N°8 allows intermediate female skiers to fully focus on their technique, because this lady carving ski comes with a goof deal of security in series. This is made possible by ABS side walls which allow effortless maneuverability. The slalom like edge amplifier also improves the bending characteristics so that less power is required for precise carving turns.  Like this you will cut a fine figure on piste!

What are Lady Carver?

Fehlerverzeihendes Sportgerät für Damen, denen neben leichter Handhabung auch das Styling wichtig ist. Beste Eignung für den unteren bis mittleren Tempobereich.

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