Lady Carver


Technical details

Length: 142 / 149 / 156 / 163 cm
Radius: 11,8 m
Sidecut: 126 / 76 / 110 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 500


The Disruption is the ideal partner for all female skiers who have the confidence to dare higher speed levels. To make this easier, the Catch Free Rocker facilitates the turn initiation while the special I-Beam strengthening along the ski improves its stability and power transmission. The innovative Hybridtech Construction with continuous side walls finally reduces the weight as you are making your turn. Hence, feel free to accelerate without bothering.

What are Lady Carver?

Fehlerverzeihendes Sportgerät für Damen, denen neben leichter Handhabung auch das Styling wichtig ist. Beste Eignung für den unteren bis mittleren Tempobereich.

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