Open Space

Head - Premium SW

Technical details

Length: 156 / 163 / 170 / 177 / 184 cm
Radius: 14 m
Sidecut: 122 / 68 / 104 mm
Price : EUR 1100


You don't mind recreational skiing but every now and then you also want to expose the speed lover in you? If so, the Premium SW by Head is just the right choice for you. Thanks to their innovative Chip Technology electrical energy is stored in so-called Intellifibres and released back into the ski on demand for ideal torsional stiffness. There is probably no more sophisticated way of gaining versatility! 

What are Open Space?

The nonconformists: the Open Space category is used for skis that don’t fit into any of the classic categories. These skis are all about individuality, exclusivity, innovation and fun. It is an interesting and exciting test category full of exclusive brands.

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