Open Space

Atomic - Redster X9i

Technical details

Length: 168 / 174 / 180 cm
Radius: 15,4 m
Sidecut: 114 / 65,5 / 99,5 mm
Price : EUR 1100


Are you looking for a ski with agility and liveliness under all possible snow conditions? If so, we would herewith like to introduce you to the Redster X9i! Besides the Servotec Technology as  Atomic trademark for otpimized steering characteristics the Redster X9i will also inspire you with its continuous side walls and Multi Radius Sidecut for maximum control on-piste.

What are Open Space?

The nonconformists: the Open Space category is used for skis that don’t fit into any of the classic categories. These skis are all about individuality, exclusivity, innovation and fun. It is an interesting and exciting test category full of exclusive brands.

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