Lady Dynamic


Technical details

Length: 143 / 148 / 153 / 158 / 163 cm
Radius: 11,3 m
Sidecut: 129 / 75 / 108 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 640


Those who boast a good skiing technique already will fully profit from the Super Joy. Due to its low weight and versatility, female skiers can use their ski days to live it up on different terrains. This is made possible by the ultra light graphene, of which the majority of the ski's material consists, as well as the Allride Rocker, the efficiency of which is being enhanced by the adjusted radius. Sounds like good fun, doesn't it?

What are Lady Dynamic?

With this technically very high quality skis sporty carving pleasure on the slopes is guaranteed. For sporty to highly athletic women, the High Performance models are a real treat.

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