Lady Dynamic

Atomic - CLOUD C12 RVSK

Technical details

Length: 147 / 154 / 161 / 168 cm
Radius: 13,2 m
Sidecut: 110 / 70 / 98,5 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 750


Of course it's not all about looks. But fact is also, that the Cloud C12 is one of the Atomic bestsellers not at last because of its appealing appearance. However, the ski does not lack inner values either considering the innovative Revoshock C Technology for reliable absorption of vibrations. This makes for more directional stability and impressive smoothness in edge changes. The Flite Woodcore also contributes to the ski’s agility and lightness.

What are Lady Dynamic?

With this technically very high quality skis sporty carving pleasure on the slopes is guaranteed. For sporty to highly athletic women, the High Performance models are a real treat.

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