Sport Carver

Rossignol - REACT 10

Technical details

Length: 160 / 168 / 176 cm
Radius: 15 m
Sidecut: 124 / 75 / 110 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 680


You can definitely not blame the React 10 of being slothful! The opposite is actually the case, because this year's Rossignsol sport carving ski will primarily impress you with its manoeuvrability. Thanks to its Flex Tip technology you can initiate and release your turns quickly. The On Tail Rocker allows the edge grip you need for these manoeuvers to work out on hard snow and ice likewise.

What are Sport Carver?

Modernstes Allroundgerät für höchste Ansprüche. Deckt nahezu alle Anforderungsprofile: vom Slalom bis zum Riesenslalomski und vom Pistencarver bis zum Offpister. Eignung für mittellange Radien bei mittlerem bis hohem Tempo.

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