Sport Carver

Nordica - DOB. SPITF. 70 PRO

Technical details

Length: 160 / 165 / 170 / 175 cm
Radius: 15,5 m
Sidecut: 121 / 70 / 101 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 770


The Dobermann Spitfire actually does combine the calmness and strength of a tall, sweet-tempered dog with the agility and swiftness of a fire spitting dragon. Which side it shows is under your control. Thanks to the multi radius concept as a combination between slalom tip and giant slalom sidecut, this year's Nordica sport carving ski supports short as well as long turns brilliantly.

What are Sport Carver?

Modernstes Allroundgerät für höchste Ansprüche. Deckt nahezu alle Anforderungsprofile: vom Slalom bis zum Riesenslalomski und vom Pistencarver bis zum Offpister. Eignung für mittellange Radien bei mittlerem bis hohem Tempo.

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