Race Carver

Salomon - S/Race LTD 70

Technical details

Length: 170 / 175 / 180 cm
Radius: 17 m
Sidecut: 117 / 70 / 99 mm
Price : EUR 900


How we would describe the S/Race LTD 70 in three terms? At best with edge grip, stability and power. This year’s model comes with improved power transmission to the edges as well as a state of the art edge amplifier. Together this allows convincing performance in longer turns at high speed so that we do not hesitate to recommend purchasing the S/Race LTD 70.

What are Race Carver?

Weltcuporientierter Riesenslalomski mit extremer Laufruhe auch im obersten Tempobereich. Bester Kantengriff bei mittleren bis längeren Schwungradien auf harter Piste.

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