Open Space

K2 - Mindbender 90 Ti

Technical details

Length: 163 / 170 / 177 / 184 cm
Radius: 17,9 m
Sidecut: 127 / 90 / 114 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 749,99


The Mindbender is a versatile ski that is built to be fast, powerful and stable. The taper profile of the Mindbender series is key to performance, making this a ski that is all about having fun on a variety of terrain and snow conditions. The long tip rocker allows for easy turn initiation and better performance on any type of snow surface. Last but not least, the innovative Titanal Y-Beam design does a great job allowing for different skiing styles.

What are Open Space?

The nonconformists: the Open Space category is used for skis that don’t fit into any of the classic categories. These skis are all about individuality, exclusivity, innovation and fun. It is an interesting and exciting test category full of exclusive brands.

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