Open Space

Atomic - Redster X9

Technical details

Length: 169 / 175 / 181 cm
Radius: 15,4 m
Sidecut: 114 / 65,5 / 99,5 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 999,95


Winner in the Men High Performance category! As in previous years, the Redster X9 plays in its own league. All-around, this is an exciting ski that is perfect for an aggressive skier looking for ripping ski that offers maximum edge-hold and stability. The Redster X9 is a great beer league race ski, and perfect for anyone who wants to be precise and fast. 

What are Open Space?

The nonconformists: the Open Space category is used for skis that don’t fit into any of the classic categories. These skis are all about individuality, exclusivity, innovation and fun. It is an interesting and exciting test category full of exclusive brands.

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