“You can write poetry about roses, but you have to bite into an apple,” said poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. At Ligges Fruit Farm in Flaurling there is plenty to taste: the new farm store offers healthy specialties based on apples.

On an area of about five hectares, the fertile soils of the Inn Valley form the valuable basis for the ideal flourishing of about 15,000 apple trees. The independence from cooperatives makes a great variety possible: with a careful hand, master orchardist Wulf Ligges accompanies over 15 different varieties in his apple orchards year after year from blossoming to ripeness for consumption.

Apples, plums, juices, dried fruit

The assortment includes the juicy-sweet Gala, the refreshing Elstar, the crisp Topaz, the “leather apple” Boskoop,
the especially tolerable Rubinette and many more. Ligges apples also cut a fine figure in refined form: pressed
from 100% hand-picked fruit, the apple juice available in various bottling quantities pampers the discerning
palate just as much as the aromatic mix of apple and carrot or the crispy Tyrolean apple rings. From June to
October, fresh plums also attract customers to Flaurling.

Enjoyment based on trust

Fruits from the farm and from the region are available in the farm store directly on the main street in Flaurling. The
small “Apfelladele” is run on a basis of trust and is open daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... For this reason, the employees of Riml Sports are supplied with a fresh load of delicious apples once a week.


Salzstraße 15, 6403 Flauerling
Tel. +43 (0) 650 555 6709

Facebook / Instagram: ligges.obstbau