The employees of
Riml Sports exclusively reveal their personal favorite
places for a mini-vacation from everyday life! On your
own doorstep you can find plenty of sporting activities,
beautiful views and lovely corners.

... “Ebm” at the Hahlkogel house. A quiet
place with a beautiful view over the
Längenfeld valley basin!

Carola Anfang,
Riml Sports Obergurgl

The Left Fernerkogel: In my opinion one of the most beautiful descents in the
beautiful scenery of the Ötztal Alps!

Franz Großberger,
Riml Sports Hochgurgl

The Hemerkogel at 2.759 m. Pleasant peace and pure nature – here you can enjoy the day to the fullest and admire the view!

Rosi Auer, Office

The Seejöchl with a view of the Piburg Lake and the mighty Acherkogel. A place of power in the
middle of the quiet nature!

Susanne Pössl,
Riml Sports Längenfeld

The local mountain of Sölden the Nederkogel on 3.163 m. Standing at the summit at
sunrise is a real energy kick for the whole day!

Lukas Riml,
Riml Sports Obergurgl

The “Greitne” in the small mountain
village of Gries. A short walk to njoy the peace and quiet, fill up with positive energy and switch off from everyday life!

Rebecca Riml,  Office

The Lake Peerler in Sölden. At least once a year the beautiful and comfortable hike takes
me there – no matter what time of year!

Bernadette Pössl,
Riml Sports Hochgurgl

The lake behind the Winnebachsee cabin in Gries near Längenfeld. When lingering at the lake I like to remember my childhood!

Manuela Klotz,
Riml Sports Obergurgl

The idyllic Piburg Lake in Oetz. A magical place to recharge your batteries and enjoy
short breaks!

Walli Tomes,
Riml Sports Obergurgl

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