Riml Sports trains sporting goods salespeople in its stores every year.
The renowned company focuses on learning by doing and numerous
further training opportunities. The enthusiastic apprentices talk to
us about their first sales talks, understanding mentors and their
future plans for the time after their apprenticeship.

Sarah recently successfully completed her apprenticeship at Riml Sports. In fall 2019, after several trial days, she started her apprenticeship as a sporting goods salesperson at Riml Sports. Three years later and richer by many experiences, she now looks back on her apprenticeship years with enthusiasm. "The sales talks with customers have probably had the greatest impact on me. I am now much more open in my dealings
with people. But I also really appreciated the relaxed working atmosphere and the certainty that I could always ask someone for advice.” A talented athlete herself, both on the slopes and on the volleyball court, Sarah has a soft spot for functional sportswear and skiwear. “Because I know how important good functional clothing is, I like to give people good advice in that regard. With the right equipment, you can get so much
more out of your sport.” Thanks to regular training and continuing education, the employees at Riml Sports are always up to date in terms of function, quality and handling. “With the high-quality selection and new technologies, you are sometimes tempted to buy something new yourself. Luckily, there are employee discounts for all employees,” Sarah laughs. The apprenticeship at Riml Sports was just right for the 18-
year-old, which is why she will continue to work at Riml Sports. And who knows, maybe one day she‘ll be a branch manager at her favorite branch in Hochgurgl.

Sarah Schöpf<br/>

With the high-quality
selection and new technologies, you
are sometimes tempted to buy something
new yourself. Luckily, there are
employee discounts for all employees
Sarah Schöpf

On the other hand, Elisabeth and Sarah have just left compulsory schooling behind them and are ready for training.
They are new to the team at Riml Sports and decided on an apprenticeship in the retail sector based on advice
from school and personal interests. Riml Sports was at the top of their list as a training company. “We heard so
many good things about the company, the apprenticeship and the additional offerings, so we finally decided to go for
it.” They have not regretted this decision so far, despite initial uncertainties. In any case, the contact persons who are
at the side of each apprentice were an enormous relief for the start. The weekly schedule with all the activities and todos
also provides a rough structure and regulates the daily routine. The newcomers like the fact that no two days are the same. “With the constantly changing areas of responsibility, you learn something new quickly and every day.” As they tell us, they‘re not immune to being thrown in at the deep end: “We were all surprised at how quickly you‘re allowed to work independently
and with customers here. That was very exciting at the beginning. Fortunately, most customers are very understanding.”
And that‘s a good thing, because as they say, “Learning by doing.” If the first successes then become apparent,
one can be justifiably proud of oneself. “When I sold my first shirt – in English, no less – I was super happy afterwards
and my teachers were also very proud of me,” Elisabeth recalls. Both of them have already made personal progress,
so that Sarah‘s telephone service is now only half as nerve-wracking, and sorting out and signing up new products
is no longer a witch‘s work. So you can guess that the new apprentices like the training at Riml Sports. There are no
limits to their ambitions and promotion prospects after the apprenticeship. But for now, the two are looking forward to
their first winter season and the subsequent two-month vocational school period in Imst.

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