Regenerating body,  mind and spirit

In the daily hustle and bustle of modern life, meditation is perhaps even more important than ever before and there is hardly a more effective and pleasant method of switching off completely for once – the “thought carousel”
in the head is brought to a standstill and one can use this inner peace to listen into oneself and become aware of one‘s own sensations.
In today‘s perception, meditation is still a Buddhist, religious
concept for many. “However, the path to more mindfulness and self-awareness does not have to be in this context – rather, it is a holistic approach to activate
the body, order the mind and use self-healing powers,” explains meditation coach Heino Schulz.

Fancy a change?
In summer, a meditation retreat
will take place at Hotel Riml in Hochgurgl. Herta & Heino – a power team with many years of experience & will accompany you in breathing exercises, meditation exercises, relaxation techniques and kinesiology.