Race Carver

Atomic - Redster G9

Technical details

Length: 165 / 171 / 177 / 183 cm
Radius: 18,4 m
Sidecut: 110 / 68 / 96,5 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 900


There is no doubt that the Redster G9 is not a full-bred FIS-ski, but still intended for those appreciating speed, smoothness and reliable egde grip. Also it boasts Atomic's trademark: Thanks to their Servotec Technology the ski loads energy, which is then released upon turn initiation for optimized torsional stiffness. 

What are Race Carver?

Weltcuporientierter Riesenslalomski mit extremer Laufruhe auch im obersten Tempobereich. Bester Kantengriff bei mittleren bis längeren Schwungradien auf harter Piste.

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