Lady Carver

Rossignol - Nova 10 Ti

Technical details

Length: 153 / 160 / 167 cm
Radius: 13 m
Sidecut: 123 / 74 / 109 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 600


If you have already achieved an advanced skiing level, the Nova 10 Ti is the right choice for you. It allows relaxed carving, but also provides you with a convincing skiing experience at high speed levels. Its flex is characterized by responsiveness and allows effortless jumping from edge to edge. On hard slopes the On Trail Rocker makes for a secure grip. Thanks to its EC-Technology the ski stores energy which is released upon turn initiation. This full-bred on-piste ski is however not suitable for deep snow.

What are Lady Carver?

Fehlerverzeihendes Sportgerät für Damen, denen neben leichter Handhabung auch das Styling wichtig ist. Beste Eignung für den unteren bis mittleren Tempobereich.

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