Race Carver

Blizzard - WRC Racing WC Piston

Technical details

Length: 167 / 176 / 182 / 182 cm
Radius: 20 m
Sidecut: 115-71-99 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 799,99


The "Blizzard" is the next ski – without noticeable weaknesses - in this category. The "WRC" is a true pro on the slopes and scores both on long swing turns, as well as in the very good running smoothness. Too bad that this ski is only used by a few skiers in the World Cup.

What are Race Carver?

Weltcuporientierter Riesenslalomski mit extremer Laufruhe auch im obersten Tempobereich. Bester Kantengriff bei mittleren bis längeren Schwungradien auf harter Piste.

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