Open Space

Dynastar - Speed WC Master

Technical details

Length: 170 / 175 / 180 / 180 / 185 cm
Radius: 21 m
Sidecut: 98 / 70 / 116 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 979,99


The adapted and with a lot of new technology equipped "Speedmaster" missed the podium by a hair. It’s noticeable that the racing department of "Dynastar" did an excellent job and lanced a ski with very good handling characteristics without weaknesses on the market. An exclusive ski that also has its price.

What are Open Space?

The nonconformists: the Open Space category is used for skis that don’t fit into any of the classic categories. These skis are all about individuality, exclusivity, innovation and fun. It is an interesting and exciting test category full of exclusive brands.

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