Slalom Carver


Technical details

Length: 150 / 155 / 160 / 165 / 170 cm
Radius: 12,6 m
Sidecut: 126 / 67 / 102 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 900


The Racetiger developed an outstanding reputation for high performance in short radius turns. Thanks to its high responsiveness the ski supports both fast edge changes and precise turn initiations. The special carbon fibres of the new Tailored Carbon Tip make for a good deal of balance as they align themselves with the demands of the terrain and allow flexible adaptation of the ski's the energy level. 

What are Slalom Carver?

Drehfreudiger und trotzdem richtungsstabiler Carver. Auf harten Pisten selbst im oberen Tempobereich beste Eisgriffi gkeit bei kürzeren Schwungradien.

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