Slalom Carver

Völkl - Racetiger SL

Technical details

Length: 150 / 155 / 160 / 165 / 170 cm
Radius: 11,8 m
Sidecut: 126 / 67 / 102 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 1000


Indeed the terrain of the Racetiger SL is on piste, but there, he is hard to beat. With narrow radii and quick edge changes the Racetiger is a class of his own. In this respect, there is no doubt that this ski was designed for ambitioned, very versed slalom enthusiasts.

What are Slalom Carver?

Drehfreudiger und trotzdem richtungsstabiler Carver. Auf harten Pisten selbst im oberen Tempobereich beste Eisgriffi gkeit bei kürzeren Schwungradien.

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