Lady Dynamic

Atomic - Cloud 11 RP     

Technical details

Length: 143 / 150 / 157 / 164 cm
Radius: 15,3 m
Sidecut: 115 / 73 / 101,5 mm
Price + Binding: EUR 649


The Cloud 11 RP allows you to glide downhill   light like a feather, due to the impressive dampening characteristics and stability of the TI Powered Laminate. Hence, definitely not a bad choice this winter. And who knows, maybe at the end of this season you and the Cloud 11 RP flock together like birds of a feather?

What are Lady Dynamic?

With this technically very high quality skis sporty carving pleasure on the slopes is guaranteed. For sporty to highly athletic women, the High Performance models are a real treat.

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