4 Sterne

Hotel Rita

Welcome at Hotel Rita you will find

Oberlängenfeld 44a
Tel : +43 (0) 5253 5307
Fax : +43 (0) 5253 5061

... a place where we aspire each and every day to make your vacation a wonderful experience. Beautiful rooms, elegant cuisine expertly prepared to the highest standards, wellness, and beauty - all of these elements combine to create your dream vacation with us in Hotel Rita in Längenfeld.

Längenfeld is located in the heart of the Ötztal. This valley is one of the most beautiful and majestic valleys in Tyrol. Each season paints a special beauty into the landscape and inspires enthusiastic enjoyment of outdoor activities, as well as creating the perfect backdrop for relaxation and restoration.

Hotel Rita has undergone many changes over the decades. And through every transformation, we maintain the values and commitment to excellence that attracts our guests to Hotel Rita again and again: The beautiful surroundings, lovingly maintained kitchen, attractive accommodations, and most of all, the dedicated, friendly, and warm hospitality we extend to our guests for more than 40 years now.

We invite you to enjoy a wonderful time with us at Hotel Rita in the Ötztal.

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