4 Sterne Superior

Ski- und Golfresort Riml

The highest 4-star hotel in the Alps

Hochgurglerstraße 16
Tel : +43 (0) 5256 6261
Fax : +43 (0) 5256 6310

Hotel Riml is one of the highest-altitude wellness hotels and spas in Tyrol. Twenty-one mountains with an altitude of 3000m or more surround the Hotel and keep everyday stress at a distance. Experience a high-quality spa and wellness holiday and relax in the heart of the Alps.


Stay at an altitude of 2200m at the Hotel Riml in Tyrol. Far from stress and the craziness of everyday life, our hotel is a perfect retreat in the mountains. It is easy to relax and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year face-to-face with the Alps. Privacy and exclusivity are a given at this location. Time to sleep in, to dream, to enjoy. Treat yourself to this and more in the heavenly atmosphere of our four-star hotel in Tyrol. As soon as you arrive at your winter accommodation in Oetztal at more 2200m above sea Level.


A holiday at the Hotel Riml is everything but ordinary: stay at 2200m above sea level, surrounded by snow-covered mountain cliffs. And while the skiers are strapping on their ski boots outside, other guests are preparing their golf equipment. The first floor of the hotel is home to our 700m² indoor golf facility.


At the Hotel Riml, guests are closer to heaven than anywhere else and can enjoy their spa and wellness holiday without a care. Go straight from the slopes to the Hotel Riml's 1000m² spa and wellness facility.

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