Concrete, concrete, concrete. At the end of March, work began on the construction of the skatepark at the swimming pool parking lot in Oetz. Looking
back: A mad project! At the end of September, the sports and cultural association FLUGMODUS invited to the official Skatepark_Ez OPENING.

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Driving force: own initiative

It was children and young people with their skateboards who drew the attention of the municipality of Oetz last year to the fact that there was no place where young people could pursue their leisure activities in peace. Out of this shortcoming, a new sports and cultural association was born. FLIGHT MODE. The original plan was to install a skate court, put up some used ramps and concrete “something”. What Markus Schwaiger, Tom Greil and Rudi Wyhlidal from the association FLUGMODUS together with more than 40 volunteers have created in the past 5 months is unparalleled.


5 months later, Oetz now has more than just a few used ramps. Rather, the first skatebowl in the entire Tyrolean upper region now stands in the front Ötztal. On a total area of 450 square meters, the financial and structural framework has been created with the support of the association of tourism businesses in Oetz, the municipality of Oetz and local sponsors. More than 1,500 (!) voluntary working hours of children, young people and adults have made the park in cooperation with experts
from the skate scene.