An association of young people between 16 and their late 30s who live and work in Gurgl and want to make a difference there. The declared goal of the association, which has been registered since 2021, is to revitalise summer tourism, but also to improve leisure time and infrastructure for the local population. The Members of Young Gurgl receive support for their commitment from the municipality of Sölden and Ötztal Tourism, but also from various businesses and companies in the village.

“We want to contribute to making Gurgl a living and working space for locals as well as an attractive holiday destination for our guests all year round,” explains chairwoman Anna Steiner enthusiastically. And this enthusiasm is now shared by 60 active members who are interested and involved in the further development and maintenance of their living and working space. The initiative is also intended to set an example and to dispel the common prejudice that the younger generation is
indifferent to tourism development. To have a say, to participate and to lend a hand – that is the credo of the “Young Gurgl”. Who said Generation Z is lazy?

Nature is the reason why guests have always come to Gurgl and it is precisely this that must be preserved. By any means necessary. For this reason, the first official act of the association was to support this year’s spring cleaning of the tourism organisation within the framework of the alpine improvement days. Energetically, but not alone. A total of 80 volunteers from the village took part in the action in June, in line with the motto #donttalkjustdoit. Landscape conservation and the maintenance of nature to increase summer tourism are one of the goals of the young people. The development of a festive culture, but also the strengthening of the local community, is another. Enough motivation, says chairwoman Anna Steiner:

Anna Steiner, Obfrau<br/>


We want to prevent young people from leaving. This can only be achieved if Gurgl becomes more attractive in summer.
Professionally, but also in terms of leisure activities.
Anna Steiner, Obfrau

Festivals, events and infrastructure projects should contribute to this. A recreation area or a meeting place for having barbecues and “chilling out” (as the young people call it today) is already being planned and should bring people together again, promote internal exchange and strengthen cohesion in the village. And for the young people, but also numerous young at heart, there was already the first organised FIFA tournament in October at the Gurgl Carat event centre. At the same time, the first festival of the Young Gurgl took place there. With food trucks, inflatable castle and everything that goes with a successful event. A success. And a first step towards a lively Gurgl – even in the off-season.

So we can be curious about what else the Young Gurgl will tackle in the future and move in “their” Gurgl. The association is certainly not lacking in ideas, motivation and supporters. Nor is there a lack of reasons for a summer in Gurgl. For locals as well as for guests.