Protect your Noggin’

Safety comes first on snowy slopes! Not only are helmets warm and comfortable to wear while skiing and snowboarding, they can prevent head injuries and even save your life. Intersport sales expert Manuel Etzelsberger knows how to choose the best ski helmet.

Michael Mustermann is an Intersport sales expert with a passion for safety equipment for skiers and snowboarders. “The most important consideration when purchasing a helmet is the fit. Shake your head from side to side. If the helmet shifts, try a smaller size”, explains Michael Mustermann. Air vents are a good optional feature: “Vents bring warm and sweaty air out and cool air in. Vents literally help you keep a cool head.”

Manuel Etzelsberger, sales expert at Intersport Riml<br/>

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Shake your head from side to side to test the fit of the helmet.
Manuel Etzelsberger, sales expert at Intersport Riml

“Goggles are another essential piece of ski and snowboard equipment. Goggles protect your eyes from snow, wind and sun, and help with visibility.”  Always make sure that your goggles work with your helmet!  The third piece of safety equipment is the back protector. Spine protectors can protect your back from hard hits on ice or packed snow, and they can be your best friend if you are riding in the park or in steep and treacherous backcountry terrain. 

If you want to talk to Manuel for personal assistance, visit our Intersport Riml store in Kressbrunnen. The store has all the equipment you need for a fun and safe day on the mountain. 

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