5 steps to your perfect ski boot

On the market for new ski boots? Mario Reinstadler explains why you need custom boots now!

“There is no piece of ski equipment more important than boots. Without properly fitting boots, you can‘t ski with good technique”, explains ski boot expert Mario Reinstadler. “The first step is getting your feet analyzed. We use an Amisura light beam scanner”, says Mario Reinstadler. The result? A highly accurate and detailed 3-D model of your leg, from the bottom of your foot up to your knee. This model is then fed into a computer that finds ski boots that are compatible with your feet.” A trained boot fitter will then have you try on several models to find the one that best matches the shape of your foot. 

“In a third step we custom fit the insoles to create a proper fit inside your ski boots. In a fourth step we heat the shell in a convection oven to custom mold it to your foot”, explains Mario Reinstadler The last step involves the ski socks. “Ski socks have a seamless design that offers increased comfort”. If you want to talk to Mario Reinstadler for personal assistance, come to our Intersport-Glanzer store 2 in Sölden.