Ötztal dialect: What does a „Sumsar“ do?

Do you know what awaits you when someone announces a „Hatschar“? Or whether you should feel flattered or insulted when they call you a „Sumsar“? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you are more than likely an authentic local Ötztaler. 

"Verstehsch?" - Understand?

  • Hatschar – long hike 
  • Sumsar –  tiresome person 
  • Foamle – light snowfall 
  • Furmenta – marmot
  • Lenar – mountainside 
  • Marende – snack, snack time
  • roasen – travel
  • Schmoaß – luck
  • lötz – bad
  • kuglat – round 
  • eärlach – true 
  • Gstelle – physique
  • fuxn – sth won't work
  • pletschedern – chat

In its long history the Ötztaler dialect has undergone various transformations. Dialect names for agricultural tools, which are no longer used today have already been forgotten, but from generation to generation new words continually come to use. A dialect is nevertheless continually used and has been kept alive by local people over the centuries. 

Sautens im Ötztal Sommergäste in Gries im Ötztal

UNESCO recognizes this and has decleared the protection oft he Ötztal dialect as follows: „The Ötztal dialect is the strongest and most influential element oft he local identity oft he population in the Ötztal valley, more so than costumes or folk music. The local dialect acts as the primary identification symbol of bein an Ötztaler.“

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